Thursday, October 15, 2009

[NEWS] 091011 Donghae revealed "I have no girlfriend at all" On Woody talk (Thai variety talk show)

,, As you known, 2 weeks ago Super Junior came to Thailand for 12plus BB powder CF shooting. They had a lot of activities with their fans. However Lee Donghae seem to be more special, he had special interview in HOT FM radio and "Woody talk" TV program also.

Time passed so fast, then 11 Oct. "Woody talk" has on-aired with anticipated of many fans

In the show, Donghae has got role as Woody's stylish and went to "Zenze" the deluxe restaurant on floor17 of Central world department store for exclusive interview. They talk each other with lively. Woody taught Donghae speak Thai many words, in addition "Khun-keu-kwam-as-sa-chan-khong-phom" (You're my mirecle) and "Nean-ner" (very smooth) that are the part of CF word, he spoke "A-roi-mai" (Delicious?), "khun-lor-mak" (You're so handsome) and "phom-lor-kwa" (I'm better) also.

But the most interested thing wasn't all that word. It is this question "Donghae, Do you have girlfriend?". Donghae answer with strong voice for emphasize "I have no girlfriend at all !!". He also added "I'm so lonely, I have the mobile phone but have no one called me." Then woody asked him for his phone number but Donghae fudge on that ask with very cute smile and said that "I can't give you now, but I'll ask SM to SMS to you, we can talk after that."

"Woody talk" this episode on-aired on 11 Oct. 10.20PM

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