Friday, October 30, 2009

[NEWS] 091028 Leeteuk cheered for Boom who will enlist "have a safe trip and be healthy"

Super Junior Leeteuk had cheered for Boom, who will enlist soon.

Leeteuk had wrote on his own cyworld on October 27th that "Minho-hyung, have a safe trip". He also posted a picture of him and Boom together and put the title "Hyung, have a safe trip" for that entry.

Leeteuk wrote in his entry that "Boom Academy leader..Boom Minho-hyung, have a safe trip and stay healthy, without knowing it, [our] feelings grew deep....thank you for taking care [of me]....although people don't really know what hyung is really like....but hyung your way of working hard has touched me again.."

He continued with "..really can't let go..ㅠㅠ..don't worry, I'll work hard....ah..the recent weather also makes a person feel matter what suitable departure [it] is always a painful thing.." to expressed his sadness toward Boom's leaving.

Boom who will enlist at the 102 Replacement Depot in Kangwondo Chuncheon wrote on his own cyworld on October 27th that "I will have a safe trip. There are many people who cheered for me and also gave me hug. It's so heartwarming".

Before enlisting, Boom is regular guest on SBS "Strong heart", "Star King" and MC of MBC Every1 "The teacher is coming"

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