Friday, October 23, 2009

[NEWS] 091022 It's Taeyang versus G-Dragon!

After 9 years of friendship, Taeyang and G-Dragon meet for the first time not as Big Bang members but as solo artists.

The two have been friends since 6th grade and started as trainees in YG Entertainment in 2000. Even now, they work together as Big Bang members but on the 25th, they will push that aside and perform their solo work. They will be promoting their individual work on SBS Inkigayo this week.

Taeyang will be performing his latest single "Where You At?" which was released on the 15th. G-Dragon, who showed off his fashion don't last week with a perm that was to imitate Michael Jackson, will be performing "A Boy."

It'll be a packed Inkigayo this week even with just these two artists. Whose performance are you guys anticipating more?

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