Sunday, December 20, 2009

[NEWS] 091219 SJ-M fooled Patty Hou and causes her to cry

YOUTUBE announced on 18th december ' 2009 Hot MusicVideo of the year ( Taiwan ) ' ! Korean boyband SuperJunior achieved 1 million clicks with their SORRY SORRY music video. Thus, becoming first on the MV of the year chart.

On the 20th December is Patty Hou's 31st birthday. Super Junior M leader, Hangeng suddenly got mad and refused to continue in the recording. Patty Hou keep on asking whether she had said anything wrong ( which make Hangeng angry ) ? The other members were curious about Hangeng sudden change too. Finally, he ( Hangeng ) got a birthday cake out and sang Happy Birthday song to her, which caused her, who has been fooled for the first time since debut felt shocked yet happy. She even cried on the scene.

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