Wednesday, December 23, 2009

[NEWS] 091223 Leeteuk is chosen as main MC for "Oh! Brothers" and "Teuk academy" will perform at "2009 SBS Entertainment award"

Super Junior's Leeteuk has been chosen as one of the main MCs for the new SBS show "Oh! Brothers". The other MCs are Kim Kookjin, Nam Heeseok, Yoo Seyoon.

The first epsidoe will be aired at 6:30PM on December 25th.


{Strong heart}'s corner {Teukigayo}'s Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong will have a special performance at "2009 SBS Entertainment award". Besides, on the ceremony, {Star junior show} Kim Gura's son Kim Donghyun, Jo Hyeryeon's son Kim Wooju, Oh Jeonghye's son Kim Younghyun will perform Super Junior's {Sorry sorry}.

The show will be aired live via SBS at 8:50PM on December 30th.

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