Sunday, December 20, 2009

[NEWS] 091213 short article about SJM's interview in Global Pop Music

Currently promoting in China, Super Junior M(SJ-M), is a group that all medias have been competing to interview. In the hotel where the Global Pop Music interview is held, fans crowd and gather and waited faithfully for their idols' appearance. Seems like the charisma and charm these 7 active boys possess is simply irresistable.

On the day of the interview, one of SJ-M members, Lee DongHae, fell ill and was unable to attend the interview. Henry joked that, because DongHae's position is between his and HanKyung's, it felt weird without DongHae's presence. The members also unanimously agreed that among them, DongHae is the "girl killer". He is the most popular among young girls.

The 7 boys each have their own strengths and individuality and they have also showed their talent in composing in their new album, "SuperGirl". Self-admiting that he has not much experience in love and romance, ZhouMi had written lyrics for 2 of their songs. Namely, " You & Me" and "Confession". SJ-M have been actively carving out their career. HanKyung have been participating in several dramas but he,as well as the members, hope that all 7 of them will be able to act in a drama specially written for themselves.

Although they have a very packed and busy schedule, SJ-M still hope that they wil be able to promote in Singapore as soon as possible.

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