Tuesday, December 15, 2009

[NEWS] 091212 'Suju' Heechul Hugs 'Soshi' Taeyeon, Taeyeon fans jealous 'Really Too Long'?

Regarding Super Junior's Heechul hugging Sonyushidae's Taeyeon, Taeyeon fans & netizens have showed jealousy, turning it into a talking point.

During the 24th Golden Disk Awards Ceremony held on the 10th of December, Suju won the revered award. Suju members hugged each other, full of happiness.

Prior to this, Sonyushidae had won award, & were present on stage before Suju, looking on as Suju received their award. After Soshi's conferral, they stayed on stage to congratulate Suju on their win.

In particular, on that day Suju's Heechul & Soshi's Taeyeon embraced to congratulate each other on their wins. In addition, Heechul also stroked Taeyeon's cheek, showing how how affectionate they are. But because this hug was very intense, the reaction of Taeyeon fans & netizens have been that of jealousy.

On the bulletin board of Suju's win on the Golden Disk site, one netizen made a thread. After seeing the picture, netizens laughed leaving comments like, "Heechul, the hug was too long!", "You can't, Taeyeon.", "intimate relations prohibited, Heechul" etc. Also, "Only touch the cheek!", "Selfish Heechul", & "Burning with anger, jealous".

In addition, "because both peopleare from the same company, it's understandable", there are also netizens who feel warmhearted, raising attention.

On the other hand, Soshi & Suju have received even more love from fans this year. Fans are looking forward toeven better music & another activities from them next year.

original; TV Daily
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