Sunday, December 20, 2009

[NEWS] 091218 SJ-M short-listed in Rookie ceremony

Recently, 'Meng Niu Suan Suan Ru* Music Chart' revealed to the public that Korean popular boy group SJM will attend next year's 'Rookie ceremony'. Also, the 2nd Rookie ceremony date had been decided, which is 11 Jan 2010 and will be held in Beijing.

Yesterday 'Meng Niu Suan Suan Ru Music Chart' released the news that SJ-M which is led by Hangeng will attend the ceremony. This year's ceremony organiser was affirmative about their new mini album, and also because SJ-M's success was seen in both Korea and China within these 2 years. SJ-M also used their professionalism and affability to win their fame. As for which award SJ-M will be contesting, 'Meng Niu Suan Suan Ru Music Chart' is currently unable to reveal.

Within these 2 years, Korean's artistes fame and popularity in China had been on a decline,
SJ-M is one of the rare groups that has both high fame and popularity in both Korea and China, which
allowed them to have a strong and big fan base. SJ-M's popularity also caused the Korean wave
to start again.

Meng Niu Suan Suan Ru*- pinyu of the ceremony
Note:only SJ-M part was translated

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