Friday, December 18, 2009

[NEWS] 091217 Suju Shindong "My ideal type is a small-frame female student"

Super Junior Shindong has revealed his ideal type during a show filming.

On the show KBS Drama "Super Junior's Miracle" which will be aired on December 19th, Shindong has talked about his ideal type in front of the university students.

On that day, Super Junior has gone to the university to directly choose a mentee student. Shindong had talked to the students and suggested a popular poll in which member Leeteuk asked him if he has set his mind on someone or not.

Shindong said "My ideal type is a small-frame girl" which Leeteuk pointed a female student and said "She's pretty". Then Eunhyuk asked her "What do you think about Shindong-sshi ?" which she said ambiguously "I like Super Junior", but then feeling that she missed out Shindong, she said "Ah Shindong-sshi is the one....that I like most" which made everybody laughing.

Also on the show, you can see Shindong's active image through "Soccer Shindong".

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